MegaMoolah World Record, Biggest Slots Jackpot

MegaMoolah World Record

The biggest Mega Moolah jackpot – and the biggest online slots payout ever – was won by a player known as Georgios M. The World Record jackpot was worth €6,374,434, and transformed Georgios from a small business owner living in Greece into a multi-millionaire who can now live a life of incredible wealth and luxury.

Anyone who says that online slots aren’t worth playing should take a good look at the success that Georgios has achieved and ask themselves if €6.3 million isn’t a very worthwhile reward for having fun playing a game like Mega Moolah. Heck, even €1 million would be well worth winning, so €6.3 million is just lots and lots of gravy!

Georgios was playing at The Gaming Club online casino when he hit the Mega Moolah jackpot. His €6,374,434 win came thanks to a single bet of €5, which we calculate to be.... well, it’s a whopping great return on his investment, let’s put it that way. And that has made Tim Johnson, Chairman of Belle Rock Entertainment, almost as pleased as Georgios himself.

“We at Belle Rock Entertainment take the utmost pleasure in seeing our players win life changing jackpots,” Tim said. “It is an amazing accomplishment that for a single bet of €5 a valued long time River Belle player walked away with the largest online jackpots ever won. Well done and enjoy your winnings Georgios.”

As all serious Mega Moolah fans should know, the Mega Moolah video slots game was developed by Microgaming and introduced to a delighted public in 2006. Roger Raatgever, CEO of Microgaming, is equally delighted with the success that Georgios has experienced, and rightfully proud of the game itself.

“It is truly exciting that Microgaming has broken yet another record with the latest win on Mega Moolah,” he said. “We are continually expanding our portfolio of casino games to provide the highest level of entertainment to consumers – but nothing tops the story of this winner, congratulations to him.”

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