How to Play Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a fun and easy slot to play. If you follow these simple instructions you’ll be enjoying all the thrills this super safari slot has to offer in no time!

Getting Started:

You can begin by selecting the amount of coins you would like to play per line on Mega Moolah, ranging from one to five coins. Your bet can be adjusted using the + and - buttons at the bottom of the game screen with a bet of between 0.01 and 6.75 permitted on each spin. Next, you can select the number of paylines that you wish to play, ranging from one to 25. Once you are happy with your bet, click spin to activate the slot and await the Mega Moolah magic.

Going Wild:

The five Mega Moolah reels feature a sextet of safari animal characters and the top five tiers from a deck of cards (10, J, Q, K, A). The reels, running from left to right, are set spinning with the aim to match as many of the same symbols as possible across any of the twenty-five selected paylines. The resulting payouts are listed below.

Matched 5

  • Lion- 15,000 Coins
  • Elephant- 750 Coins
  • Buffalo- 600 Coins
  • Giraffe- 500 Coins
  • Zebra- 400 Coins
  • Antelope- 250 Coins
  • A- 150 Coins
  • K- 100 Coins
  • Q- 75 Coins
  • J- 60 Coins
  • 10- 40 Coins

Matched 4

  • Lion- 1,500 Coins
  • Elephant- 250 Coins
  • Buffalo- 150 Coins
  • Giraffe- 125 Coins
  • Zebra- 100 Coins
  • Antelope- 50 Coins
  • A- 40 Coins
  • K- 30 Coins
  • Q- 20 Coins
  • J- 15 Coins
  • 10- 10 Coins

Matched 3

  • Lion- 125 Coins
  • Elephant- 50 Coins
  • Buffalo- 40 Coins
  • Giraffe- 30 Coins
  • Zebra- 20 Coins
  • Antelope- 10 Coins
  • A- 8 Coins
  • K- 6 Coins
  • Q- 4 Coins
  • J- 3 Coins
  • 10- 2 Coins

Matched 2

  • Lion- 15 Coins
  • Elephant- 6 Coins
  • Buffalo- 4 Coins
  • Giraffe- No Win
  • Zebra- No Win
  • Antelope- No Win
  • A- No Win
  • K- No Win
  • Q- No Win
  • J- No Win
  • 10- No Win

The Mega Moolah scatter symbol is a monkey and, should you match three or more of these primates anywhere across your selected paylines, a free spins bonus game will be activated that grants you 15 free spins. The bet that generated the free spins must be used throughout. Matching the same scatter symbols during this bonus round results in a further 15 free spins, which will be added to the remaining free spin count. During these free spins, regular and wild symbol wins are multiplied by three, but the Progressive Jackpot cannot be activated.

The Mega Moolah Wild is the Lion symbol, which can be substituted for any other symbol, except for the monkey symbol, to form a winning payline. The Wild symbol will also multiply the potential payout by two times.

Winning the Moolah:

Once the reels have stopped spinning, the Mega Moolah slot will calculate your winnings from your selected paylines and deposit any coins into your account. Your total winnings can be viewed at the bottom of the game screen in the ‘Win’ readout. Successfully landing on a scatter symbol will automatically trigger the free spins bonus feature while the progressive jackpot total can be randomly activated at any time during the game, even on losing spins.

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